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To Bubble Wrap the Kids or Not?

As I go longer and deeper into motherhood and through the clients I see, I become increasingly aware of the protection spectrum we must navigate as parents. We should protect our kids (I mean that would be up there near the top of the parenting manual if they were giving those out) but then we […]

Do You Ever Lose It With Your Kids?

The other day a friend of mine asked me this question, “Do you ever lose it with your kids? “As an initial response, I had a quick sarcastic internal dialogue that went something like this. “Um you mean with those two boys who can make an instruction like ‘go brush your teeth’ seem like the […]

When The Holiday is Over

‘They’ say that change is as good as a holiday. But when the holiday is over and change is going back to work, school and routine, ‘They’ don’t really say much. So here we go into the beginning of another year. Whether we are the parents who are breathing a collective sigh of relief in […]

Talking Tragedy

My children’s school community has been left reeling. It’s been a particularly hard year in terms of grief and loss at this school. Of course, the cycle of life is inevitable and loss of any kind is hard to bare and grief is a long and painful journey.   But in this year alone,  there have […]

Doing Battle on the Homework Front

“I love homework” said no child ever. Ok maybe there are a couple of exceptions, like that brief period where a younger sibling strives to emulate their older sibling and actually hankers after a homework assignment or when a child has just started school and is all gung ho. But in reality this enthusiasm wanes […]

Be a Sport

Back in my day, the children’s party game, Pass-the-Parcel was a pretty simple game for the parcel passers and the parcel wrapper. One child received the one prize after various layers of paper were unwrapped by various children to upbeat party beats. It would seem that the present day Pass-the-Parcel rules have changed. Now it […]

While The Mom’s Away

My mom has always wanted to visit India and asked if she could take me with, not as in “Ill pack you in my suitcase” but proper the two of us off to India. I said “Hell yeah” or something to that effect. We would be away for 19 days, leaving at the end of […]

Going all Judgy

I vividly remember as the mother of a 10 dayish old baby being sent off for a rest by an older family friend while she kindly took care of my son. From the room next door within earshot, I heard her saying something to him in that voice, you know the voice, the “ I […]

The Cattle Run

I have been known to mutter or sometimes shout to anyone who will listen as I walk out the front door in the mornings to get the kids to school, “It feels like I am herding cattle.” Now being quite an urban girl with some lovely weekends spent on farms where other people are doing […]