Entries by Laura Markovitz

Going all Judgy

I vividly remember as the mother of a 10 dayish old baby being sent off for a rest by an older family friend while she kindly took care of my son. From the room next door within earshot, I heard her saying something to him in that voice, you know the voice, the “ I […]

The Cattle Run

I have been known to mutter or sometimes shout to anyone who will listen as I walk out the front door in the mornings to get the kids to school, “It feels like I am herding cattle.” Now being quite an urban girl with some lovely weekends spent on farms where other people are doing […]

Knowing the News

We are so hooked up to potentially knowing so much of what is happening in the world. In times gone by we might have known about what our neighbours were up to but we wouldn’t know about some distant happening because it was so distant. Now we know a lot and we know it pretty […]

MOMO- a Mother Openly Misses Out

I was invited to a friend’s birthday drinks on the weekend. I just knew in every inch of my body that I didn’t feel like going. I had just come off a two week stint of a major family visitation session with family visiting from Australia, America and Switzerland – all at the same time. […]

Here’s hoping…

I’ll admit with some embarrassment that my forte does not lie in solving practical household issues, like (in this week alone) the gate that isn’t  closing properly, the toilet that won’t flush and yes ok… even, the bulb that has blown. I do not come from a long or even a short line of do-it-yourself […]

iPad iMad

My sister in law and her family recently visited us from Perth. As presents for my two sons aged 6 and 9 years she gave them fabulous bouncing balls and….  an iPad mini each.  Yes, she had Skyped us prior to the visit to check if we were ok with these very generous gifts and […]