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Thinking About Puberty

Despite going through it ourselves and our children inevitably…
17th August 2018/by Laura Markovitz


A WhatsApp group seems to have become an integral part of parenting.…
31st January 2018/by Laura Markovitz

Parenting – The Dance of Control and Letting Go

Sleep! Sleep was my longed for, lesser spotted partner in parenting…
20th October 2017/by Laura Markovitz
To bubble wrap the kids or not?

To Bubble Wrap the Kids or Not?

As I go longer and deeper into motherhood and through the clients…
29th June 2017/by Laura Markovitz
Do you ever lose it with your kids?

Do You Ever Lose It With Your Kids?

The other day a friend of mine asked me this question, “Do…
23rd February 2017/by Laura Markovitz

When The Holiday is Over

‘They’ say that change is as good as a holiday. But when…
10th January 2017/by Laura Markovitz
Talking Tragedy

Talking Tragedy

My children’s school community has been left reeling. It’s…
24th November 2016/by Laura Markovitz

Doing Battle on the Homework Front

“I love homework” said no child ever. Ok maybe there are…
26th October 2016/by Laura Markovitz
Parent Coaching

Be a Sport

Back in my day, the children’s party game, Pass-the-Parcel…
31st August 2016/by Laura Markovitz

Losing Connection

I recently woke up before anyone else in our house. I would…
18th May 2016/by Laura Markovitz

Rat in the Kitchen

I’m a dog person. I had always envisaged that dogs would be…
15th March 2016/by Laura Markovitz

While The Mom’s Away

My mom has always wanted to visit India and asked if she could…
2nd December 2015/by Laura Markovitz
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