My Story So Far…

I am a certified a PCI Certified Parent Coach® operating in Cape Town. I also have an LLB and Honours degree in Psychology

It hasn’t been a straight path in getting to do this work that I love. After completing my undergraduate studies majoring in Psychology and Sociology, I packed my backpack and went traveling the world (well just bits of it really) and teaching English in the UK and in China.

On my return to Cape Town, I embarked on my law studies and completed my post grad LLB at UCT. I had never wanted to practise as an attorney and had always intended to enter the Non Profit sector. However, I was offered articles at two esteemed Law firms in Cape Town and thought, “Ok maybe I can dress up and be this person.”

After only three months I recognised that this was a means to an end that I did not aspire to, so I left the Law firm and started working in the Non-Profit sector where I continued to work for 11 years. During this time I got married, completed my Psychology Honours Degree and had my two sons.

Over time I became increasingly concerned that parents were feeling lost and overwhelmed within parenthood. I started thinking that there must be a more creative way to deal with the challenges that parents face at various stages of being parents. I googled “Parent Coaching” thinking there was no such thing. Turns out there is such a thing!

I completed the Graduate Level Parent Coach Certification ® training through Seattle Pacific University. I practise as a parent coach and I write about parenting issues.

It is great to know that all I have done until now has brought me to the point where I love the work that I do and know that I am in the right place doing what I am meant to be doing.

And to complete my story so far, I live in Cape Town with my husband, our two children and our dogs. I enjoy running, travelling to beautiful places, reading a great book, eating delicious food and having a good laugh.

Laura Markovitz

Parent Coach
PCI Certified Parent Coach ®