Parent Coaching

I am a Cape Town parent coach who works with a parent or parents in a collaborative Parent Coaching process. Through Parent Coaching parents share the frustrations and challenges that they are dealing with, connect with what is actually working despite the difficult dynamics, identify how they would ideally like things to function and then implement practical changes to help ensure they can enhance their family life.

Some focus areas that I work with include:

  • Providing practical ideas on solving specific child related challenges.
  • Assisting parents through adolescence.
  • Helping couples, single and solo parents navigate their specific circumstances.
  • Identifying and working with differing parenting styles.
  • Helping parents manage parenting through and post-divorce.
  • Helping parents understand and set age appropriate boundaries.
  • Assisting parents in identifying their parenting values and intentions.
  • Finding ways for families to have greater connection and engagement.


  • I meet with clients for between 8 and 12 sessions
  • I meet with clients face to face at my practice in Vredehoek, Cape Town, or
  • I meet with clients over skype

What Parent Coaching is Not

This is not therapy

Whilst we may touch on and discuss past experiences and how these may have shaped you, our focus is predominantly on finding practical solutions to enhance your current and future position.

This is not an infinite commitment

I usually meet with clients for between 8-12 sessions. Once our coaching process is complete, I am happy to meet with clients for sessions as and when the need arises.

This is not a super-nanny solution

I do not have a blueprint of what will work for every child and every family. There is no cut and paste solution. Whilst I suggest ideas, I work collaboratively with parents to think creatively about what would work best for their specific family set up. We also do not look at parenting in isolation but rather look at the various factors which affect the family.