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Talks for Parents

I present talks to parents at schools , at work places or in small groups either face to face or through Zoom – for more information contact me.

Working Parents Woes and Wonders in the Time of Corona

We are currently navigating extra challenges in the juggle of work and family. Laura presents insights in identifying and recognizing these challenges  and provides practical support to enhance coping better in these times.

 Taking Self Care Seriously

We all know we are meant to be taking care of ourselves but it is often the last thing to be prioritised on the extensive list of things to be done! In this talk Laura explains why it needs to be taken seriously if we want to be resilient in the face of challenges. She provides practical input about how this can be done.

Raising Successful Children
We all want our children to be successful in life but what do we mean by success and what can we be doing to support their success?
In this talk, Laura shares practical tools that we can use to help our children attain success. This talk focuses on equipping parents so that they feel more empowered in dealing with the everyday challenges that parenting presents and how to try and maximize children and families thriving.

Should we be leaving our children to their own devices?
Our children are growing up in a very different world. They are faced with devices in various shapes and forms. In this talk Laura, discusses what we need to be taking into account and practical ways that we can help our children manage their screen exposure.

Thinking About Puberty
Despite going through it ourselves and our children inevitably going through it, talk of puberty is often greeted with a sense of dread by parents. In this talk Laura discusses why it is important to be thinking about our children’s experience of puberty and how we interact with them around puberty. She will provide some practical guidance about how we can ease some of the dread and feel more empowered to navigate this time.

Radio Interviews

TV Interviews

Health – Puberty
21 June 2019

Teens and Dating – What Parents Should Know
12 December 2018

Tips to Improve Relationship with Your Teen
29 May 2019

The Benefits of Having a Support System
15 May 2019

Dealing with Mom Burnout P1-2
8 May 2019

How to make Light out of Load Shedding
10 April 2019

How to Help Kids with Aggressive/Violent Behaviour P1-2
3 April 2019

Developing Positive Teacher-Learner Relationships
27 March 2019

How to Deal with & Prevent Cyberbullying
13 March 2019

How to Motivate & Praise your Kids Part 1-2
28 February 2019

Helping Children Make & Keep Friendships
6 February 2019

Tips to make a good transition from learner to student
23 January 2019

Managing Family Conflict Over the Holidays
13 December 2018

The Importance of Relaxing and Reflecting on the Academic Year
6 December 2018

Tips For Managing Screen Time During The Holidays
28 November 2018

The Importance of Teaching Your Child to Be A Good Sport
8 November 2018

Tips on Disciplining Your Child
1 November 2018

Managing Your Temper With Your Kids
25 October 2018

Parenting Wisdom on Maternal Instincts
4 October 2018

How Real Is the Middle Child Syndrome?
27 September 2018

Parenting Advice Navigating A Life Of A Single Parent P1-2
30 August 2018

Tips On How To Prepare Your Child For Success P1 – 2
30 August 2018

How Over-Protective Parenting Affects A Child
24 August 2018

How to Co-Parent Successfully
2 August 2018

How to Speak to Your Child About Puberty
19 July 2018

The Importance Of Resting During The June School Holidays
14 June 2018

Why Parents Should Support Their Children After Receiving Their Matric Results 1-2
25 January 2018

How to raise a successful child
17 May 2016 | Interview at 22 minutes 30 seconds

Managing Working Mom Guilt
22 June 2016 | Interview at 2 minutes 45 seconds