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2021 – Nearly Done and Very Dusty

So that’s 2021 nearly done and ever so dusty. I know I haven’t been a very prolific communicator this year. I know in the days of constantly full inboxes; you may be quite ok with that situation. It has been a time, hasn’t it? A pandemic filled time which we would hope would draw us […]

Feeling Out of Control?

Every single person is affected in some way by this very changed world. Loss and change are universal. As parents we now face heightened levels of anxiety, doubt and uncertainty as we carry our family’s well-being from a financial, health, educational, emotional and spiritual perspective. So much feels out of our control. Working with parents […]

Today is day 1 of lockdown in South Africa. Worries are plentiful. The ripple effect of Covid-19 is being felt in a myriad of ways that impact us physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and socially. Some parents and caregivers are heartbreakingly being forced to be away from their children in this lockdown period  For those of […]

Parenting in the time of Corona

We are in crazy, unprecedented times. As adults we are feeling our way, struggling to reconcile Corona virus with some kind of weird new normal. We have to change our behaviour now. Anxiety amongst children and teenagers is already at such high levels. Now we add into the mix a virulent virus that causes a […]

Thinking About Puberty

Despite going through it ourselves and our children inevitably going through it, talk of puberty is often greeted with a sense of dread by parents. That realisation that our deliciously cute and cuddly kid (Ok ok not always but stay with this just for the sake of contrasts) is heading towards the potentially prickly realms […]


A WhatsApp group seems to have become an integral part of parenting. Not a party, extra mural or class fart goes by without having to engage with at least 20 other parents and our thumb-picked emojis.   I’m all up for a sense of community, support, a laugh, ease and efficiency on this parenting journey but […]

Parenting – The Dance of Control and Letting Go

Sleep! Sleep was my longed for, lesser spotted partner in parenting for about 6 years. Six years is a long time to be tired and be expected to function. I spent a great deal of that blurry time trying to find ways to get my baby to sleep and to stay asleep for extended periods. […]

To Bubble Wrap the Kids or Not?

As I go longer and deeper into motherhood and through the clients I see, I become increasingly aware of the protection spectrum we must navigate as parents. We should protect our kids (I mean that would be up there near the top of the parenting manual if they were giving those out) but then we […]

Do You Ever Lose It With Your Kids?

The other day a friend of mine asked me this question, “Do you ever lose it with your kids? “As an initial response, I had a quick sarcastic internal dialogue that went something like this. “Um you mean with those two boys who can make an instruction like ‘go brush your teeth’ seem like the […]